Monday, January 28, 2013

broadway.WORLD.COM. Inma Cuesta and Javi Gutiérrez to play leads in the Musical ¡Ay, Carmela!.


In April 2013, the Reina Victoria Theatre in Madrid will host the premiere of a new musical produced in Spain. "Ay, Carmela!," based on José Sanchis Sinisterra's play, which premiered in 1987 and was subsequently adapted to the screen under the direction of Carlos Saura in 1990, starring Carmen Maura and Andrés Pajares as leading characters.

The lead actors in this new screen adaptation are Inma Cuesta and Javi Gutiérrez, known for their participation in the popular TV series 'Águila Roja.' (Red Eagle). In the musical, several new pieces produced by composer and the show's musical director Joan Valent from Mallorca, will premiere as well as several Spanish contemporary pieces. The producer of the musical is Andrés Vicente Gómez and the director is Andrés Lima.

The plot of Ay, Carmela! is the following: Carmela (courageous and spontaneous), Paulino (pragmatic and cowardly) and Gustavete (mute) are minstrels who perform for the republican troops during the Spanish Civil War. They soon tire of the hardships at the front. One day they set out for Valencia but, by mistake, end up in the region controlled by the nationalists. There, they are taken prisoner and the only way for them to save their lives is by performing for a group of nationalist army officers, which clashes with their ideology.

Roberto Rodriguez

Photo: Jorge París