THE LAST HORSEMAN (Aka El último jinete)  

  • Director:Victor Conde
  • Author:Ray Loriga
  • Genre:Musical
  • Year of production:2012

The Last Horseman is the story of Tirad, a young Bedouin whose lifelong dream is to find a horse to ride into battle and glory and, ultimately, to conquer a kingdom. The horse he seeks is no ordinary one. According to desert legend, for each rider there is a horse and only until they are united can the circle of destiny be complete.

Pursuing the horse of his dreams with the help of an immortal poetess, Al Khansa, who recites the elegies of the fallen warriors, Tirad travels through Arabia to Egypt, a turbulent country caught between tribal wars and foreign military interests of the late 19th century. There, he will get to know his homeland and himself. He will discover, the hard way,that a dream, like a kingdom, cannot be conquered in one day.

Along his way, he meets Lady Laura, a beautiful English woman who loves adventure and noble Arabian horses. She procures the horse of Tirad's dreams and makes it the jewel of her stables in the outskirts of London. Learning this, Tirad travels thousands of miles, from Cairo to Victorian London where he confronts a strange, new world.

Tirad finds himself at odds with Laura over what he believes is his horse although, at the same time, he cannot help being fascinated by her. He also feels threatened by this hostile society and lost in a vast city. Nevertheless, he rises to the challenge and fights for the horse the desert had promised him, in order to go back home and build a kingdom.
A world of magic unfolds around Tirad; a world of dancing camels and chattering locusts, warriors from the past and armies from the future, incredible inventions, steam boats, cinematographers, shady criminals and impossible romances. All of this comes together in a spectacular musical to tell the story of the peoples of the desert which has never been told.


Actor Character
Miquel Fernández García Tiradh
Julia Möller Lady Laura
Marta Ribera Rustullet Al Kansha
Antoni Viñals Matas Camel/Golden Horseman
Juan Vázquez Salvador Abdul Azid / Guard of Abbas Pasha / Drunken man
Guido Agustín Balzaretti Cockroach / Stationmaster / Jimmy
Leo Rivera Faisal / Lord Pentland
Victor González Abbas Pasha
Elena Medina Locust
Crew Name
Director Victor Conde
Writer Ray Loriga
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez, Arabian Horses Production LTD
Score by Chris Egan
Executive Producer Tristan Baker
Production Director Enrique Espinosa
Music and Lyries John Cameron, Albert Hammond, Barry Mason, Ranjit Bolt
Musical Director Julio Awad
Costume Yvonne Blake
Lighthting desingn Nicolás Fischtel
Sound Alberto Liras
Choreographed Karen Bruce
Set Morgan Large

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