¡AY, CARMELA!. THE MUSICAL (Aka ¡Ay, Carmela!. El Musical) . 

  • Director:Andrés Lima
  • Author:José Luis García Sánchez
  • Genre:Musical
  • Year of production:2013

Ay, Carmela!, Musical -live songs and music- tells the story of Carmela and Paulino, "A Fine Variety", a female singer and a comedian who, in the middle of the Civil War, try to survive by singing and entertaining the soldiers. By sheer bad luck, they arrive at a village on the Republican front just before it is taken over by Franco's troops. A fascist Italian Lieutenant who enjoys "bel canto" forces them to do an improvised performance of "varietés", to celebrate their taking over the village, before the Victorious Army, the presumed presence of Franco himself and of a group of prisoners from the International Brigades, who are going to be shot by firing squad the following morning.

A renewed version of Sanchís Sinisterra's successful work, directed by Andrés Lima with original songs by Victor Manuel, Vanesa Martín, Pedro Guerra and a series of Spanish popular songs.


Actor Character
Inma Cuesta Carmela
Javier Gutiérrez Paulino
Marta Ribera Narrator / Gustavete
Javier Navares Lieutenant Ripamonte
Álvaro Morte Peláez
Pablo Raya Joe
Javier Enguix Spanish army / Priest
Sagra Mielgo Cover
Crew Name
Director Andrés Lima
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Executive Producer Josep M. Fonseré
Production Director Enrique Espinosa, Raquel Espinosa
Writer José Luis García Sánchez
Music Julio Awad
Costume Beatriz San Juan Guijarro
Makeup Sara Abigail
Sound Javier Almela

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