A BEAUTIFUL SUNSET (aka Una Preciosa Puesta de Sol) 

  • Director: Álvaro Del Amo
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:2003

Rosario (Marisa Paredes), her daughter Elena (Ana Torrent) and her granddaughter Beatriz (Marta Larralde) leave their hometown and set out for a weekend at a hotel in the mountains. Each of them has ulterior plans and motives unbeknownst to the others.

Rosario has discovered that she has an incurable disease. Elena has been told by her husband to inform her mother that she cannot continue living with them in the family house, and her daughter Beatriz wants to flee from her boyfriend.

Elena's unpleasant task becomes more complicated with the appearance of Fernando (Chema Muñoz), her lover, who shows up at the hotel. The weekend poses a dramatic confrontation between the three women, during which they get to know each other better and learn the difficult lessons of freedom. Elena is the only one who returns to the city. At the train station, she announces to her husband and to her daughter's boyfriend - who have gone over to meet her there - that she has many things to tell them.

Actor Character
Marisa Paredes Rosario
Ana Torrent Elena
Marta Larralde Beatriz
Chema Muñoz Fernando
Elena De La Merced Soprano
Rubén Fernández Aguirre Pianist
Crew Name
Director Álvaro del Amo
Executive Producer Augusto M. Torres
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez, Sergio Castellote, Oscar del Caz, Jacobo Echeverría-Torres, Beatriz Navarrete, Nicolás Tapia
Artistic Director Ion Arretxe
Editing Irene Blecua
Writer Álvaro del Amo
Photography Director Carlos Suárez
Costume Pepe Reyes
Makeup Karmele Soler
Special Effects Javier Jal

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