HE´S GOT SOME BALLS (aka Un par de huevos) 

  • Director: Francesc Bellmunt
  • Genre:Comedy
  • Year of production:1985

David is a millionaire of thirty years who knows perfectly all the secrets needed to succeed in business. However, he is not able to find the love of Julia, who continually rejects him and does not want to marry him for his lack of "progress". Therefore he is fully determined to change his life and his way of being. And here is where the surprises for David begin, because a night that he goes to dinner with friends, fake terrorist simulate the assault to the local.

Actor Character
Ángel Alcazar David
Eva Cobo Cristina
Joan Borrás Buscató
Pere Ponce
Tere González
Joan Guasch
Miquel Forteza
Camilo Rodriguez
Rosa Cadafalch
Carlos Forteza
Sergi Pardo
Mercé Soler
Crew Name
Director Francesc Bellmunt
Production Companies LOLA 2002, S.L. , FIGARO FILMS, S.A.
Writer Francesc Bellmunt y Rosa Vergés
Photography Director Hans Burman
Editor Teresa Alcocer
Music Joan Vives

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