• Director: Fernando Trueba
  • Genre:Comedy
  • Year of production:1995

In this big box office hit by Fernando Trueba, he introduces the owner of a disastrous art gallery, Art Dodge, who has known better days. Art falls in love with the beautiful Liz, just after having gotten engaged to her sister, Betty.

In order to conquer Liz without disappointing Betty, a bizarre idea occurs to him. He pretends to have a twin brother with a bohemian past, Bart. Art plays both brothers throughout the film until the very end, when he finally and reluctantly concedes to marry Betty. But, will he be able to play the role of bridegroom and best man simultaneously?

Actor Character
Melanie Griffith Betty Kerner
Antonio Banderas Art Dodge
Daryl Hannah Liz Kerner
Danny Aiello Gene
Joan Cusack Gloria
Eli Wallach Sheldon
Gabino Diego Manny
Austin Pendleton Dr. Huffeyer
Vincent Schiavelli Sommelier
Phil Leeds The Lincoln Brigade
Sid Raymond The Lincoln Brigade
Louis Seeger Crume The Lincoln Brigade
Theodora Castellanos Conchita
Genevieve Chase Mrs. Doyle
Marcella Vitalainai Aitken Mrs. Palletto
Crew Name
Director Fernando Trueba
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez, Cristina Huete
Photography Director José Luis Alcaíne
Artistic Director Juan Botella
Music Michel Camilo
Writer Fernando Trueba, David Trueba
Editing Nena Bernard
Special Effects Richard Lee Jones
Art director Carlos Arditti
Costume Lala Huete

Awards and festivals

* One Nomination at the Goya Awards (Spanish Academy Award):

-  Best Leading Actor: Antonio Banderas.


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