BLACK SERENADE (aka Tuno negro) 

  • Director: Pedro L. Barbero, Vicente J. Martín
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:2001

Tuno Negro (Black Serenade) is a horror and mystery film set on a university campus in a college town; Salamanca.

Our story draws on the "Tuna" (student music group whose members dress up like medieval minstrels), an archaic element par excellence that has survived since the 13th century, and mixes it with something that is a modern, symbol of the future: Internet.

A psychopathic murderer infiltrated in the Tuna chooses his victims online. At night when the students are partying, the Black Tuno (Black Tuna member) commits his crimes. He is the final solution to the problem of overcrowded Spanish universities.

"This year you have a more important reason to pass your exams..."

Actor Character
Silke Alex
Jorge Sanz Edu
Fele Martínez Víctor
Maribel Verdú Arancha
Eusebio Poncela Don Justo
Patxi Freytez Trout
Enrique Villén Teo
Rebecca Cobos Michelle
Sergio Pazos Scorpion
Javier Veiga Marcial
Benjamín Seva Insulino
Carla Hidalgo María
Crew Name
Director Pedro L. Barbero, Vicente J. Martín
Writer Pedro L. Barbero, Vicente J. Martín
Photography Director Carlos Suarez
Artistic Director Wolfgang Burmann
Music Roque Baños
Editing Juan Carlos Arroyo
Makeup José Quetglás
Sound Mark A. Van Der Willigen

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