SECOND SKIN (aka Segunda Piel) 

  • Director: Gerardo Vera
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:1999

When we fall in love we take a chance. And love is too intimate a game for us to assimilate failure with ease. Elena (Ariadna Gil) knows that the deterioration which her marriage is undergoing is not temporary. Alberto (Jordi Molla), her husband, a young prestigious aeronautical engineer, has just half-opened a new door and seems determined to step through it with someone other than his wife.

Alberto doesn't intend to pretend that he is simply disoriented. He loves his wife and son, but the passion Diego (Javier Bardem) arouses in him is more than desire.

Diego, an orthopedist who works in a private clinic, is a man without duplicities and no prejudices; he dives into the pool of love thereby risking his emotional and professional stability, as his boss and friend, Eva (Cecilia Roth) warns him. The cheating, the scenes of grief and distrust grow, standing in the way of the three lovers. Confrontation is inevitable and the break-up imminent. But Elena isn't prepared to give up just like that. After analyzing the situation, she tenses her muscles, tastes the flavor of other men's embraces and stands by her feelings. Without wasting any time, she makes her move forcing Albert to make his in the struggle between the two faces of love.

Actor Character
Javier Bardem Diego
Jordi Mollá Alberto
Ariadna Gil Elena
Cecilia Roth Eva
Mercedes Sampietro María Elena
Javier Albalá Rafael
Adrián Sac Adrián
Cristina Espinosa Ana Mari
Pilar Castro Neus
Ramiro Alonso Oriol
Silvia Espigado Engineer
Carmen Grey Nurse
Crew Name
Director Gerardo Vera
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Writer Ángeles González-Sinde from an original idea by Gerardo Vera
Photography Director Julio Madurga A.E.C.
Artistic Director Ana Alvargonzález
Editing Nick Wentworth
Music Roque Baños
Production Director Luisa García
Costume Macarena Soto
Makeup Paca Almenara

Awards and festivals

* One Nomination at the Goya Awards (Spanish Academy Award):

- Best Leading Actor: Jordi Mollá.

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