ROWING WITH THE WIND (aka Remando al viento) 

  • Director: Gonzalo Suarez
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:1987

Stylish period drama which portrays the life of the great Romantic English poets, Lord Byron, Shelly and the woman who let Frankenstein loose into the world, Mary Shelley. Gonzalo Suárez directs a highly original and stunningly visual film on the lives of three of Europe's most famous writers, effectively mixing fact and fiction.

Actor Character
Hugh Grant Lord Byron
Lizzy Mcinnerny Mary Shelley
Elizabeth Hurley Claire Clermont
Jose Luis Gómez John Polidori
Valentine Pelka Percy Bysshe Shelley
Virginia Mataix Elisa
Ronan Vibert Fletcher
Bibiana Fernández Fornarina
Aitana Sanchez-Gijón Teresa Guiccioli
Kate McKenzie Jane Williams
Jolyon Baker Edward Williams
Terry Taplin Godwin
Crew Name
Director Gonzalo Suárez
Executive Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Photography Director Carlos Suárez
Artistic Director Wolfgang Burman
Music Alejandro Masso
Writer Gonzalo Suárez
Editing José Salcedo
Costume Yvonne Blake
Makeup Romana González
Production Director José G. Jacoste
Sound Daniel Goldstein, Ricardo Steinberg
Special Effects Reyes Abades, Fernando Pérez

Awards and festivals

* Silver Seashell at San Sebastian Film Festival.


* Six Goya Awards (Spanish Academy Award):

- Best Director: Gonzalo Suárez.

- Best Photography: Carlos Suárez.

- Best Art Direction.

- Best Costume Design.

- Best Makeup and Hairstyling

- Best Production Supervision.


* Seven Nominations at the Goya Awards:

- Best Film.

- Best Supporting Actor: José Luis Gómez.

- Best Original Screenplay: Gonzalo Suárez.

- Best Original Score: Alejandro Massó.

- Best Editing: José Salcedo.

- Best Sound.

- Best Special Effects.


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