THE DANCER UPSTAIRS (aka Pasos de Baile) 

  • Director: John Malkovich
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:2002

The elegant policeman Agustín Rejas is assigned the mission of capturing the famous guerrilla leader Ezequiel, the main instigator of a peasant revolution that threatens to reach the cities and bring down the government.

Alarmed by the brutal intimidating tactics used by Ezequiel's followers, the army decides to react with equal or greater severity, causing a climate of collective panic.

Rejas follows the trail of the already legendary Ezequiel whilst feeling the relentless advance of the rebels. Thanks to Yolanda, the ballet teacher of his daughter Laura, he musters the necessary strength to persevere in his mission.


Actor Character
Javier Bardem Detective Agustín Rejas
Juan Diego Botto Detective Sucre
Laura Morante Yolanda
Elvira Mínguez Detective Llosa
Alexandra Lencastre Sylvina Rejas
Oliver Cotton Merino
Luís Miguel Cintra Calderón
Javier Manrique Clorindo
Abel Folk Ezequiel / Durán
Marie-Anne Berganza Laura
Lucas Rodríguez Gómez
Xabier Elorriaga Pascual
Crew Name
Director John Malkovich
Producer Andres Vicente Gómez, John Malkovich
Music Alberto Iglesias
Writer Nicholas Shakespeare
Photography Director José Luis Alcaine
Artistic Director Pierre Limbosch
Editing Mario Battistel
Costume Bina Daigeler
Makeup Mariló Osuna
Special Effects Reyes Abades

Awards and festivals

* Official Section at Venice Film Festival.

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