DON´T TELL ANYONE (aka No se lo digas a nadie) 

  • Director: Francisco Lombardi
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:1998

His sexual initiation plunges shy adolescent Joaquín into confusion. The laws governing this well-to-do bourgeois life don´t offer him the answers to what he is feeling. The attitude of this father, Luis Felipe an unobliging male chauvinist patriarch who tries to beat the secrets of virility into him, confuses Joaquín even more; while the threadbare pieties of his mother, Maricucha, only deepens his sense of guilt.

Actor Character
Santiago Magill Joaquín Camino
Lucía Jiménez Alejandra
Christian Meier Gonzalo
Carmen Elías Maricucha
Giovanni Ciccia Alfonso
Vanessa Robbiano Prostitute
Carlos Fuentes Gerardo
Gianfranco Brero University Professor
Carlos Tuccio Confessor Priest
Anibal Zamora Transvestite
Emilram Cossío Dioni
Gerardo Ruiz Jorge
Crew Name
Director Francisco Lombardi
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Photography Director Carlos Gusi
Artistic Director Coco Moore
Writer Giovanna Pollarolo & Enrique Moncloa, Adapted from the novel
Editing Nicholas Wentworth
Special Effects Omar Caraballo
Sound Ricardo Viñas

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