DYING OF LAUGHTER (aka Muertos de risa) 

  • Director: Alex de la Iglesia
  • Genre:Black Comedy
  • Year of production:1999

There was a time when everybody in Spain knew their names.

Twenty years of continuous success leave a mark. Discotheques, nightclubs, theatrical variety performances, circuses, bullrings, TV programs, Christmas galas. They succeeded where many others failed badly.

But there is also a negative side to success: envy, jealousy, paranoia... The story of Nino and Bruno is a human drama that resembles a joke. A joke that starts and ends up with gunshots being fired before some television cameras.


Actor Character
Santiago Segura Nino
El Gran Wyoming Bruno
Álex Angulo Julián
Carla Hidalgo Laura
Eduardo Gómez Poor Tino
José Mª. Iñigo Himself
Uri Geller Himself
Manuel Tafallé The Magician Silber
Jesús Bonilla Sergeant
Sancho Gracia Legionnaire Brutal
Alfonso Lussón Berasategui, the producer
Rafael Luna Ricky, the barber
Crew Name
Director Alex de la Iglesia
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Photography Director Flavio Martínez Labiano
Artistic Director Arrizabalaga y Biafra
Writer Alex de la Iglesia y Jorge Guerricaechevarría
Editing Teresa Font
Music Roque Baños
Production Director Luis Gutierrez
Costume Lala Huete
Sound José Vinader

Awards and festivals

* One Nomination at the Goya Awards (Spanish Academy Award):

-  Best Supporting Actor: Álex Angulo.

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