• Director: Pedro Almodóvar
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:1986

A bullfighter forced to retire early from his career due to a goring, finds that his obsession for killing still lingers, but now women take the place of bulls. To make love to a woman and kill her at the culminating moment is the closest thing to the ineffable pleasure of an afternoon in the bullring. Maria is a woman driven by similar dark desires and when they meet, the consequences are deadly.

Actor Character
Antonio Banderas Angel
Eusebio Poncela Inspector de policía
Carmen Maura Julia
Assumpta Serna María Cardenal
Nacho Martínez Diego Montez
Eva Cobo Eva
Julieta Serrano Berta Giménez
Chus Lampreave Pilar
Verónica Forqué Journalist
Bibiana Fernández flower seller
Pepa Merino Secretary of Mary
Lola Peno Schoolgirl 1ª
Marisa Tejada Schoolgirl 2ª
Crew Name
Director Pedro Almodóvar
Executive Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Photography Director Ángel Luis Fernández
Music Bernardo Bonezzi
Writer Jesus Ferrero, Pedro Almodóvar
Editing José Salcedo
Production Director Fernando Sánchez
Costume José María de Cossío
Makeup Juan Pedro Hernández
Special Effects Reyes Abades

Awards and festivals

* One Nomination at the Goya Awards (Spanish Academy Award):

- Best Supporting Actor: Antonio Banderas.

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