BORGES´ TALES: DEATH AND THE COMPASS (aka La muerte y la brújula) 

  • Director: Alex Cox
  • Genre:T.V. Series
  • Year of production:1988

A series of murders -identical in technique- occur on the third day of consecutive months, and in three equidistant locations. "Simmetry in time... symmetry in place". The only clue, a cryptic religious message. The brillant detective, Erik Lonnrot, a "pure reasoner" with "something of the adventurer in him, and even a little of the gambler" unwittingly pits himself against his sworn enemy, Red Scharlach, who has fabricated the perfect trap for the little private investigator...

Actor Character
Peter Boyle
Chris Ecclestone
Miguel Sandoval
Crew Name
Director Alex Cox
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Writer Alex Cox

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