• Director: Benoit Jacquot
  • Genre:T.V. Series
  • Year of production:1988

Behind the quiet exterior of shy, nineteen year old Emma, is a woman waiting to take revenge. Emma is confronted with the suicide of her father, who was disgraced when she was a child for embezzlement of company funds, while the real culprit, Lowenthal, goes scott-free to eventually become owner of the factory where her father once worked... and Emma does know. Emma knows the truth, but she always kept silent... about her own identity, and about the revenge she plans to take against the loathsome Lowenthal.

Actor Character
Judith Godreche
Sandrine Kimberlin
Stephanie Cotta
Claude Brosset
Crew Name
Director Benoit Jacquot
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Writer Benoit Jacquot, Pascal Bonitzer

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