BORGES´ TALES: GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MARK (aka El Evangelio según San Marcos) 

  • Director: Héctor Oliveira
  • Genre:T.V. Series
  • Year of production:1988

Baltasar Espinosa -gentleman of leisure, intelligent and charmingly lazy leaves Buenos Aires to spend the summer at his cousins estate in the south. Stranded by floods, Baltasar's only companions are the peculiar, taciturn Gutre Family (father, son and daughter) who over-see the state. Almost animalistic in their expectations of life, the Gutre find Blatasar's kindess to them an act of wonder, and take him to be Christ himself...

Actor Character
Hugo Soto
Miguel Dedovich
Marcelo Rodríguez
Mirna Suárez
Crew Name
Director Héctor Oliveira
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Staging Héctor Oliveira

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