THE TURKISH PASSION (aka La pasión turca) 

  • Director: Vicente Aranda
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:1994

Desi has everything most young women want, a caring husband, a beautiful home and good friends. A holiday in Turkey with her husband changes her life forever, plunging her into an obsessive love affair with a Turkish guide, a wild sexual adventure, which contrasts starkly with her life at home. Fuelled by a passion within, she gives up everything she has and hands herself over completely to her lover, who, in turn, uses her to achieve his ends in the sordid underworld in which he moves.

Actor Character
Ana Belén Desideria
George Corraface Yamam
Silvia Munt Laura
Ramón Madaula Ramiro
Helio Pedregal Arturo
Blanca Apilánez Felisa
Francis Lorenzo Marcelo
Loles León Paulina
Rasim Oztekin Brother of Yamam
Güzin Özipek Mother of Yamam
Laura Mañá Blanche
Patrick Guillemin Denis
Crew Name
Director Vicente Aranda
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Photography Director Jose Luis Alcaine
Artistic Director Josep Rosell
Writer Vicente Aranda
Music Jose Nieto
Editing Teresa Font
Costume Nereida Bonmatí
Makeup Juan Pedro Hernández
Production Director Ali Akdeniz, Carmen Fernández
Sound José Vinader

Awards and festivals


* Two Goya Awards:

- Best Original Score: José Nieto.

- Best Production Supervision.


* Ten Nominations:

- Best Film.

- Best Director: Vicente Aranda.

- Best Leading Actress: Ana Belén.

- Best Supporting Actress: Silvia Munt.

- Best Adapted Screenplay: Vicente Aranda.

- Best: Photography: José Luis Alcaine.

- Best Art Direction.

- Best Costume Design.

- Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

- Best Sound.


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