AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT (aka La chispa de la vida) 

  • Director: Alex de la Iglesia
  • Genre:Comedy
  • Year of production:2011

Roberto is an unemployed and broke advertising executive, turned down by every agency he has applied to for a job. His finances are in despair and he is on the verge of loosing himself. Nobody seems to be bothered that he was the brains behind Coca Cola´s mega-famous slogan: COKE IS IT!

All of this is about to change when he finds himself hanging onto life by a thread, following a terrible accident. The emergency services , the firemen and the paramedics are at a loss on how to free him from where he is trapped.

The dramatic and somewhat absurd nature of the accident generates media attention and so taking advantage of his advertising experience, the protagonist decides to milk the situation, turning it into a mediatic spectacle. He hires an agent with one thought in mind: sell the TV exclusive to secure his family´s future.

Wife Luisa arrives at the site of the accident and helplessly watches the spectacle surrounding her husband. She attempts to dissuade Roberto from his plan, but his obsession with landing an exclusive is increasing by the second. However, negotiations with the TV channels are dragging out, crowd interest is growing and the rescue is proving complicated. Will our hero save himself? Or will he chose to sacrifice himself for money?

Actor Character
José Mota Roberto
Salma Hayek Luisa
Blanca Portillo Mercedes
Juan Luis Galiardo Alcalde
Fernando Tejero Johnny
Manuel Tallafé Claudio
Santiago Segura David Solar
Antonio Garrido Dr. Velasco
Carolina Bang Pilar Álvarez
Joaquín Climent Javier
Juanjo Puigcorbé TV Directing
Eduardo Casanova Son
Crew Name
Director Álex de la Iglesia
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez, Ximo Pérez
Executive Producer Jennette Kahn, Adam Richman
Associated producer Marco Gómez, Frank Ribiére, Vérane Frediani
Writer Randy Feldman
Photography Director Kiko de la Rica (AEC)
Music Joan Valent
Editor Pablo Blanco
Production Director Yousaf Bokhari

Awards and festivals


* José Mota, nominated best actor revelation.

* Salma Hayek, nominated best actress.

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