GOYA IN BORDEAUX (aka Goya en Burdeos) 

  • Director: Carlos Saura
  • Genre:Historical Drama
  • Year of production:1999

Francisco de Goya, at 82 and exiled in Bordeaux with the last of his lovers, Leocadia Zorrilla de Weiss, begins to reconstruct for his daughter Rosario the events that marked his life. A life that was affected by political unrest, poisoned passions and the ecstasy of fame. He will recall the young ambitious Goya in his struggle to climb the slippery steps of Carlos IV's court, where he experienced recognition and fortune, palace intrigues and games of seduction and lies. He will also remember his only true love, the Duchess of Alba, a woman who reshaped his life and the history of his day, although their relationship was frustrated by poisonous conspiracies.

Actor Character
Francisco Rabal Goya
José Coronado joven Goya
Dafne Fernández Rosario
Maribel Verdú Duquesa de Alba
Eulalia Ramón Leocadia
Joaquín Climent Moratín
Cristina Espinosa Pepita Tudó
Josep María Pou Godoy
Carlos Hipólito Salcedo
Emilio Gutierrez Caba José de la Cruz
Joan Vallés Novales
Saturnino García Priest and San Antonio
Crew Name
Director Carlos Saura
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Photography Director Vittorio Storaro
Artistic Director Pierre-Louis Thévenet
Music Roque Baños
Editing Julia Juaniz
Costume Pedro Morero
Production Director Carmen Martínez
Makeup Susana Sánchez
Special Effects Ángel Alonso
Hairdresser Mercedes Guillot

Awards and festivals

- Five Goya Awards (2000):

* Best Leading Actor: Francisco Rabal.

* Best Photography: Vittorio Storaro.

* Best Art Direction.

* Best Costume Design.

* Best Makeup and Hairstyling.


- Five Nominations in the Goya Awards (2000):

* Best Supporting Actor: José Coronado.

* Best Editing: Julia Juaniz.

* Best Sound.

* Best Special Effects.

* Best Production Supervision.


- Best Cinematography at the European Film Awards


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