FANNY STRAW-TOP (aka Fanny Pelopaja) 

  • Director: Vicente Aranda
  • Genre:Thriller
  • Year of production:1983

Violence and delinquency are Fanny's only way of life. An ex-cop known as "el Gallego" was expelled from the police force because of his irregular methods, particularly for cruelly abusing Fanny. They're looking for one another, both with the idea of murder. However, a feeling that is very different from hatred begins to occupy their respective minds. When they meet, they won't know how to react.

Actor Character
Fanny Cotençon Fanny Pelopaja
Bruno Cremer Andrés
Francisco Algora Julián
Berta Cabré Nena
Ian Sera The cat
Paca Gabaldon Sociologist
Eduardo MacGregor Bald
Joaquín Cardona Pérez
Roberto Asla White hair
Jordi Serrat Police
Marta Padovan Pilar
Carles Sales Parking man
Crew Name
Director Vicente Aranda
Production Companies Lolafilms, Morgana Films, Lima P.C., Carlton Films
Writer Vicente Aranda
Photography Director Juan Amorós
Artistic Director Ramón Pou
Editor Teresa Font
Production Director Carlos Durán
Music Manel Camp
Makeup Joana Martí

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