BEYOND DESIRE (aka Deseo) 

  • Director: Gerardo Vera
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:2002

Spanish Civil War, 1945. After her father is shot and her husband jailed for fighting alongside the Republican army, a young woman is forced to serve in the house of a wealthy Argentinean. He is cultivated and charming, and she falls in love with him only to discover that he is collaborating with the Nazis to help them escape through Spain to Argentina.

Actor Character
Leonor Watling Elvira
Leonardo Sbaraglia Pablo
Cecilia Roth Alina
Ernesto Alterio Julio
Norma Leandro Clarita
Rosa María Sardá Elvira´s mother
María Vázquez Raquel
Emilio Gutierrez Caba Rogelio
Gloria Muñoz Lola
Jordi Bosch Velasco
Norma Aleandro Clarita
Crew Name
Director Gerardo Vera
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Photography Director Javier Aguirresarobe
Artistic Director Juan Pedro de Gaspar
Writer Ángeles Caso
Music Stephen Warbeck
Staging Alejandro Lázaro
Costume Bina Daigeler

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