GIRL FROM RIO (aka Chica de Río) 

  • Director: Christopher Monger
  • Genre:Comedy
  • Year of production:2001

Discovering that your wife is sleeping with your boss can make a man do strange things. For a Samba-obsessed London clerk, robbing a bank and boarding the first flight to Río are just the beginning.

Actor Character
Hugh Laurie Raymond
Santiago Segura Paulo
Vanessa Nunes Orlinda
Patrick Barlow Strothers
Lia Williams Cathy
Nelson Xavier Bichero
Hugh Lloyd Abert
John Junkin Mr. Bigelow
Julio Levi Copacabana Concierge
Paul Jerrico Inspector
Kacey Ainsworth Sales Assistant
Glynis Brooks Mrs. Grace
Crew Name
Director Christopher Monger
Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez y Muir Sutherland
Art director Chris Lowe, Marcos Flaksman
Photography José Luis Alcaine
Writer Christopher Monger, Francisco Lara Polop, Julián Ibañez
Editing Nicholas Wentworth
Makeup Arrate Garmendia, Helena Gomes, José Alves Guedes, María Dolores Osuna Camero
Sound Andrew Sissons, Ángel Gallardo, Angelo Raguseo, Antonio Garcá, Augusto Penna

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