• Director: Fernando Trueba
  • Genre:Comedy
  • Year of production:1992

The Spanish Civil War has started and Fernando, a young army deserter, is on the run. That is until a retired and solitary artist takes him under his wing and offers him his help, house and friendship.

The arrival of the artist's four beautiful daughters has Fernando embarking on a wonderful romantic adventure as he woos one sister after another. A stylish romantic comedy that inserts a parenthesis in history and in which the freedom of youth and the joy of uncomplicated sex are colorfully celebrated.

Actor Character
Penélope Cruz Luz
Ariadna Gil Violeta
Fernando Fernán Gómez Manolo
Jorge Sanz Fernando
Maribel Verdú Lucía
Miriam Díaz Aroca Clara
Michel Galabru Danglard
Agustín González Mr. Luis
Chus Lampreave Miss Asun
Mary Carmen Ramírez Amalia
Jesús Bonilla Soldier (The number)
María Galiana La Polonia
Crew Name
Director Fernando Trueba
Executive Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Writer Rafael Azcona, José Luis García Sánchez, Fernando Trueba
Photography Director José Luis Alcaine
Artistic Director Juan Botella
Artistic Director Carmen Frías
Special Effects Felipe Cardoso
Music Antoine Duhamel
Sound Alfonso Pino, Georges Prat, Wis Castro, Philippe Morel
Makeup Alda Matos, Ana Ferreira, Ana Lorena, Dina Chorao, Erica Porru
Costume Cristina Mampaso, Lala Huete, Lourdes Rocha, Peris, Rosario Moreira

Awards and festivals

* Official Competition at the International Film Festival of Berlín.

* Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

* BAFTA Film Award for Best Film not in the English Language.


* Nine Goyas Awards (Spanish Academy Awards):

- Best Film.

- Best Director: Fernando Trueba.

- Best Leading Actress: Ariadna Gil.

- Best Supporting Actress: Chus Lampreave.

- Best Supporting Actor: Fernando Fernán-Gómez.

- Best Original Screenplay: Rafael Azcona,Fernando Trueba,José Luis García   Sánchez.

- Best Photography: José Luis Alcaine.

- Best Editing: Carmen Frías.

- Best Art Direction.


* Eight Nominations at the Goya Awards:

- Best Leading Actor: Jorge Sanz.

- Best Supporting Actress: Mari Carmen Ramírez.

- Best Supporting Actor: Gabino Diego.

- Best Original Score: Antoine Duhamel.

- Best Sound.

- Best Costume Design.

- Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

- Best Production supervision.




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