GOING SOUTH SHOPPING (aka Bajarse al moro) 

  • Director: Fernando Colomo
  • Genre:Comedy
  • Year of production:1988

Chusa shares a place with her cousin, who makes a living out of selling grass, and with her boyfriend, a policeman. To help her cousin, Chusa regularly smuggles drugs from Morocco. Because they all smoke quite a bit, there is always need for more. Chusa decides to go down to Morocco with a friend, but this time, things don't work as well as usual.

Actor Character
Antonio Banderas Alberto
Verónica Forqué Chusa
Juan Echanove Jaimito
Chus Lampreave Mme. Antonia
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón Elena
Miguel Rellán Priest
Francisco Merino Mr. Mariano
Amparo Valle Mother of Elena
Ricardo Palacios Naturist
Ofelia Angélica Angelita
María Elena Flores Portress
Carmelo Gómez Abel
Crew Name
Director Fernando Colomo
Producer José Luis García Sánchez
Writer José Luis Alonso de Santos, Joaquín Oristrell, Fernando Colomo
Photography Director Javier Salmones
Artistic Director Alberto Gutiérrez
Set Miguel Angel Santamaría
Music Pata Negra
Sound Agustín Peinado, Antonio Illán, Enrique Molinero, Luis Castro, Miguel Ángel Polo
Costume Josune Lasa Peris

Awards and festivals


*Best Actress: Verónica Forqué.

*Best Supporting Actress: Chus Lampreave.

*Best Adapted Screenplay: Fernando Colomo, José Luis Alonso de Santos, Joaquín     Oristrell.

*Best Original Score: Pata Negra.

*Best Sound.

*Best Production Supervision.



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