• Director: Manuel Huerga
  • Genre:Drama
  • Year of production:1995

Mar¡a is a heroine addict and frustrated rock singer whose boyfriend died from a drug overdose. Deeply grieving, she loses all hope until one day she meets Rafa, a younger man with a clearer mind. Rafa convinces Mar¡a to steal a few grams of heroine but it actually turns out to be nearly nine kilos.  The heroine belongs to Velasco, an unscrupulous man who is in with the police. Rafa and Maria flee, setting out on a one-way trip to a place where life will give them their last chance.

Actor Character
Ariadna Gil María
Carlos Fuentes Rafa
Francis Lorenzo The inspector
Cristina Hoyos Pub landlady
Ángel de Andrés López Criminal
Juana Ginzo The grandmother
José Manuel Lorenzo Velasco
Walter Vidarte Elderly Man
Iñaki Aierra Coque
Marc Martínez Johnny
John Cale Cale
Joan Crosas Inspector Campos
Crew Name
Director Manuel Huerga
Executive Producer Andrés Vicente Gómez
Photography Director Javier Aguirresarobe
Writer Francisco Casavella
Music John Cale
Editing Ernest Blasi
Art director Jorge Déniz
Special Effects Reyes Abades, Philip Campbell, Paul Swendsen, Drew Jones
Makeup Alda Matos, Gabriela Moraes

Awards and festivals

- One Goya Awards: *Best Photography: Javier Aguirresarobe.

- Three Nominations in the Goya Awards: *Best Actress: Ariadna Gil, *Best New    Director: Manuel Huerga, *Best New Actor: Carlos Fuentes.

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